Sunday, July 17, 2011

What I Am

At my school here in Lexington we have a theme or a stewardship for the entire year - this year our theme is: Christ the King students share their "amazing gifts." We have stewardship activities for each grade - my grade (1st) works with other children... I am still trying to think of what we will be doing this year to share our amazing gifts...

While searching for different ideas I came across this heartwarming video:

maybe I am late on discovering this but I absolutely love it!! My theme for my classroom this year is "Oh the places you'll go." This song is so fitting - I want my kids to learn in the first few days of school and do an activity with it - who has ideas??? I am thinking a possible book titled "Who We Are" and each student decorate a page... but that is all I have right now!

What are your ideas?

Happy Reading! Amy C!

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