Sunday, November 13, 2011

Turkey Names

Here is a little math activity - use it if you wish. Thanks to DJ Inkers for the graphics! :) I just love that place.

If you use Everyday Math you are aware of "Name Boxes." Here is a Turkey name box! :)

Turkey Names

Happy Reading! Amy C!


Hi Bloggy friends - I need your help. I am in a creative mood and want to create some things for the classroom - but I need some brain helpers - I can't figure out what I want to make - I am thinking maybe some fun themed turkey things with money, addition and what not -

Throw me some ideas and I'll make it... then give it away!


Happy Reading! Amy C!


Hi blog peeps! Sorry I haven't posted in awhile.. but I think after this post you will TOTALLY forgive me! :)

Over at First Grade A la Carte, Kathy is having an AMAZING giveaway... her WHOLE Teacher Pay Teacher store.... LITERALLY! :)

Go take a look and enter!

P.S. ~ You're welcome! :)

Happy Reading! Amy C!