Thursday, September 29, 2011

Field Trip!

Wow! What an amazing day. The first grade had their field trip today all over the Lexington Community. I was so proud with our AHHHHMAAAZING behavior, great questions and their little minds going a million miles a minute with learning.

I am so proud to be a teacher! I am so proud of my kiddos!

With any field trip - the teacher is exhausted! I don't know how many times I counted heads, but let me tell ya - I have counting to 28 down to a fine science! :)

Tomorrow - I will try to post pictures!

Happy Reading! Amy C!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I promise to be better...

Hi everyone! I know I haven't been blogging much lately... but I promise I will get better. I am going to be honest - I want to try to update everyday about what we are doing in 1A at Christ the King in Lexington! I think it will be a great thing if my parents want to read too - we shall see how it works!

I am really excited because the past three weeks of school we have really been working hard on our Community Unit and Map directions. We have learned how to use a compass and our directions of North, South, East, and West.

We have also learned how to write a friendly letter this week! Wow... what a task! My little munchkins have really put so much effort forth and worked so hard in our classroom.

Tomorrow is our culminating activity.... our FIELD TRIP! The kids are so excited - since we have talked about important places in our community - the other 1st grade teacher and I plan one of the best field trips around Lexington, KY! Tomorrow we get to go visit:

1. Henry Clay Estate - Ashland - We get to tour the grounds and the inside - one of my most favorite
places in Lexington, KY!! The kids L-O-V-E it!

2. Fire Station
This is not our fire station - but we get to meet real firemen and see where they live while at the
Fire Station. They show us their trucks, all their tools and how high the ladder can go... one year Mrs. Coates even climbed the ladder! :) 

3. We get to eat McDonald's for Lunch. 

4. We eat our McDonald's at one of the best parks in Lexington... Shilito - this is not
Shilito Park - but it has a huge playground and is AMAZING!
5. We also get to visit one of our Post Offices. Here we see how the mail is sorted, where special packages go and how to mail a letter... in fact - we might even get to mail something special! 

This is a super busy day but so much fun for the kids! What do you do with your class to study communities?!

Happy Reading! Amy C!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Noun Sort

Here is a noun sort I made! Feel free to take it - if you want the editable version - let me know so you can change the words!

All graphics came from Scrappin Doodles!

Noun Sort

Happy Reading! Amy C!


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Happy Reading! Amy C!