Friday, July 18, 2014

Let's do this!

Excuses, excuses, excuses... I don't have any for not being present in the blog world... well... I have one. A BIG one...

He isn't so big just yet.. His name is Oliver and he is the new love of my life. He is going to be 5 months on Sunday (Don't ask me where the time has gone.. I have NO CLUE)! This little man was born near the end of February and I didn't have to go back to school!

Now I am getting ready for the school year to begin  (cue emotional melt down) and for the first time in 9 years- I am not as excited as I usually am. I am happy for the new year to start and a new routine to begin.. but I am dreading leaving Ollie (even though I know he will LOVE "school" and will be a-okay).

So, as I have become a mommy and stalked  errr...i mean looked at Erica Bohrer from Erica's Ed-Ventures, Ashley Schroerder from Schroederschenanigansin2nd or Hope King from Second Grade Shenanigans and soooo many more teachers' Instagrams from their time in Vegas - I realize I want to be like them. ( Secretly, I want to be their best friend too!)

...I am getting off track...

But seriously, I want to be a teacher that is so ecstatic about my job and my kids and the learning that is to happen that everyone knows it! I am taking my vow publicly, and stating it on my blog! So, to the few readers that I have - please hold me accountable. I want to post about all the fun things we are doing in first grade. I want to post about a product that I make and put on TPT (I have no clue even where to begin to do that.)  I want to post about my first year of teaching with a baby and most importantly, I want to have FUN! 

So...if anyone has any advice on how to get through my first day of work without my little one, how to update my blog so it is cute, any fun back to school ideas - let's link up and have PAAARTY!

Happy Reading! Amy C!

Monday, October 8, 2012

In 1492 He Sailed...

the ocean Blue!  

Today in 1A we learned all about Christopher Columbus! We used the AMAZING unit from Teaching in High Heels:

The kids absolutely loved it! We had so much fun - we also did this little art activity

How did you enjoy Columbus day?

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Happy Fall Ya'll!

Hi blogger world! I know I have been MIA lately - We have started the school year and it has been a blast. I have 25 kiddos that I absolutely adore. Of course, we have some days where I think I possibly can't go on much longer but somehow their sweet smiles, hugs and their hunger for learning always recharges me!

This post is mostly pictures so I hope you enjoy!

My beginning of the year theme was "Shoot for the Moon!" Here was my hallway display:

I went on a Pinterest frenzy - (who else hasn't) and made a few things in the room such as:

Needless to say - I LOVED how the room looked at the beginning of the year - the kids are helping with keeping it looking awesome all year long!

Now that we are in the month of October - We did our first big hallway display ( I always love to decorate the door/wall by my classroom with fun things - I have one wall that has work always displayed on it - which gets changed every 2 weeks!) So here is our hallway/door display:

So Our door was turned to Frankenstein - I did both sides so no matter if it is opened or shut - Frank is showing! :) Other teachers enjoyed it we now have a scarecrow, ghost and mummy down the hallway! 

Above our door way and all around it - we did our pumpkin glyph! The first one of the year! The kids really enjoyed it so we have our pumpkin patch too!

We had so much fun designing for Halloween - the kids really had fun and so did I! I can't believe it is already October though... time is flying by!

One more thing I made from Pinterest last week - I can't wait to use it in the room!

What is your favorite thing you made from Pinterest? 

Happy Reading! Amy C!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Common Core Giveaway!

What an amazing give away!! 
If you are like me - I am a little nervous about fitting everything in with the new Common Core - but with this giveaway all fears are gone - all these goodies will surely make it easier! 

Common Core Giveaway

Happy Reading! Amy C!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Common Core FlipChart!

Okay ya'll.. I am starting to get creative - I hope! :) I am super proud of myself - today alone I have made my birthday balloon pixie sticks and superstar spellers via pinterest (which is anyone else's pinterest being EXTREMELY slow?) I wanted to put pictures here but I can't at this time.. Pinterest won't download.

Then during my browsing I came across Ms. Olivia Carson from Liv to Teach and saw her Common Core Flipchart for second grade... hers has a bit more detail - like color themed benchmarks and a line to say where to fold...  but I also made mine in like 35 minutes - and it is the first time I have ever done something like this - so I am tooting my own horn! TOOT TOOT! 

So here is my question... do I jazz it up tomorrow and put it on Teachers Pay Teachers? Would anyone buy this?!?! Any thoughts?!?!

Happy Reading! Amy C!

Monday, June 11, 2012

My summer goal: POST MORE!

I have been awful ya'll! I know - too much has gone on, pinterest has gotten in my way, and I have been so lazy busy that I haven't posted... well that STOPS today!

First post: CURRENTLY! I have never done this before and hope I have done it correctly. Over at Farley's (ps - she is great!) she is doing a linky party with what we are doing currently.. so here ya go!
Currently 2

So link up and do one!
Happy Reading! Amy C!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

I needed this...

Hey ya'll. Well - I can't even begin to discuss what has been going on in my life right - a great loss has happened in our family and can't even fathom it right now. As I was trying to take my mind off things - i found these and actually got to smile for the first time in two days -

All I have to say - is AWWWW-MMMMMMMYYYYYY-GAHHHHHH! He is b-e-a-utiful! :)
Happy Reading! Amy C!