Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Common Core FlipChart!

Okay ya'll.. I am starting to get creative - I hope! :) I am super proud of myself - today alone I have made my birthday balloon pixie sticks and superstar spellers via pinterest (which is anyone else's pinterest being EXTREMELY slow?) I wanted to put pictures here but I can't at this time.. Pinterest won't download.

Then during my browsing I came across Ms. Olivia Carson from Liv to Teach and saw her Common Core Flipchart for second grade... hers has a bit more detail - like color themed benchmarks and a line to say where to fold...  but I also made mine in like 35 minutes - and it is the first time I have ever done something like this - so I am tooting my own horn! TOOT TOOT! 

So here is my question... do I jazz it up tomorrow and put it on Teachers Pay Teachers? Would anyone buy this?!?! Any thoughts?!?!

Happy Reading! Amy C!


  1. Hi Amy!
    I apologize if I already asked, but I'm trying to organize the Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Alphabet Letter Exchange and I noticed that one of the emails I sent you came back. Could you email me at please so I have your correct address?
    Thanks so much,
    First Grade Found Me

  2. I saw your comment on Pencils Glue and Tying Shoes. I'm going to do Daily 5 with my first graders. We are going to work on the skill one week at a time. Each week I'm going to add a new concept. So for the first week we are just going to work on read to self. I think you can start it the first day. That is the only concept I'm going to introduce. When they have that down. Then I will introduce the next concept. I'm going to put up one sign at a time. So they don't get confused. I hope this helps.
    The Hive