Monday, January 30, 2012

Penguins on Parade!

Hey ya'll!! So at the beginning of our Penguins on Parade unit, I call our local bowling alley and they donate us their used bowling pins! (We only have 56 1st graders divided by the two of us { yes - 28 per class!} so they are usually always willing to help) The kids get two full weekends to turn their bowling pins into any type of penguin or even disguise their penguin so their predators can't get them!

Here are some final results!

Angry bird!

Fashion Designer

UK Football Player! (GO BIG BLUE!)


Christ the King Student (our school)

Tim Tebow
It is such a fun project - tomorrow (because I am at home) I will upload the letter we send to parents if ya'll want to try!

On board this week:
1. Blubber experiment - we will make a blubber glove to try and see what how blubber keeps us warm!
2. Shared Reading - Tacky and we create our own Tacky's to hold our self to text connections!

What are ya'll up to!?!?

Happy Reading! Amy C!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Hi ya'll!! Few things on my mind tonight!!

1. Get ready for a super giveaway over at Ms. Preppy!! It is themed for Valentine's day and I am just letting you know it is going to be AHHHHMAZING! :) 

2. We have started our unit on Penguins - lots of pictures to come. But here is a sample:
Yes my friends.. that is a Bat Man Penguin! 
Tune in tomorrow to see what we did! 

3. I am really wanting a fun blog makeover, but gals (and maybe a boy or two) I don't want to spend major $$$$ doing it - ya know? Let me be honest - as we all know the cash flow isn't that grand as a teacher and we are saving for some home improvements .. but I feel the blog is so blahhhhh not as bright and cheery as I am. Can anyone help or point me in the right direction?

Happy Teaching!
 Amy C!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

What I LOVE Wednesday.

Thought I would try out What I love Wednesday within my classroom.


Don't ya'll love it when the light bulb finally clicks in your little munchkins' minds!?!? Today was the day - so many light bulbs going off. We have been discussing Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr - to see and hear the reactions, feelings and true concern about how people were treated and how MLK stood up for what he believed in was so refreshing. I wish people now-a-days could have a first grade mind set in certain ways - it would make certain things a lot easier!

2. When technology works - it rocks and lately we have been really using the SMART Board - I LOVE IT! Kids LOVE it - makes lessons a lot more FUN and INVOLVED!

3. Teacher Lounge - I love having time with my colleagues... they make me smile, make me laugh and remind me not to take certain things so seriously!!

What do you love about your classroom today?

Happy Reading! Amy C!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Guess Who's Back!


Hi ya'll! I am back - I know you must of missed me!  I can't even begin to explain where I have been. Well, actually I can... so here it goes! 

1. My computer broke. Talk about heartache! My hard drive completely went awol - tried to get all the information of the hard drive (because who backs up their computer... not me?) It didn't work - finally got my computer back 1 month later with no information  and now it is fixed! 

2. My sister is now the new Secretary of State of KY!!!! So the past 11 months have been dedicated to all her hard work. Over break we had all of her inaugurations (2) and a few parties for her. 

3. Wait- we did have Christmas right? That's right I forgot- we had a wonderful Christmas... No pictures to prove it because I didn't have a camera or anything to document. 

So there ya'll have it - that is what I have been up to. I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday! 

This month in first grade we are working on a TON of stuff.... 
1. The mitten
2. compound words
3. Snowmen/Winter
4. Moon Phases
5. Penguins!!!!
6. How to writing piece

So much is happening - I am gathering all my stuff and hopefully will be able to post some units for ya'll! 
That is one of my New Years Resolution! 

What are ya'll working on in your classrooms?

Happy Reading! 
Amy C.