Monday, January 30, 2012

Penguins on Parade!

Hey ya'll!! So at the beginning of our Penguins on Parade unit, I call our local bowling alley and they donate us their used bowling pins! (We only have 56 1st graders divided by the two of us { yes - 28 per class!} so they are usually always willing to help) The kids get two full weekends to turn their bowling pins into any type of penguin or even disguise their penguin so their predators can't get them!

Here are some final results!

Angry bird!

Fashion Designer

UK Football Player! (GO BIG BLUE!)


Christ the King Student (our school)

Tim Tebow
It is such a fun project - tomorrow (because I am at home) I will upload the letter we send to parents if ya'll want to try!

On board this week:
1. Blubber experiment - we will make a blubber glove to try and see what how blubber keeps us warm!
2. Shared Reading - Tacky and we create our own Tacky's to hold our self to text connections!

What are ya'll up to!?!?

Happy Reading! Amy C!

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