Monday, October 8, 2012

In 1492 He Sailed...

the ocean Blue!  

Today in 1A we learned all about Christopher Columbus! We used the AMAZING unit from Teaching in High Heels:

The kids absolutely loved it! We had so much fun - we also did this little art activity

How did you enjoy Columbus day?

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Happy Fall Ya'll!

Hi blogger world! I know I have been MIA lately - We have started the school year and it has been a blast. I have 25 kiddos that I absolutely adore. Of course, we have some days where I think I possibly can't go on much longer but somehow their sweet smiles, hugs and their hunger for learning always recharges me!

This post is mostly pictures so I hope you enjoy!

My beginning of the year theme was "Shoot for the Moon!" Here was my hallway display:

I went on a Pinterest frenzy - (who else hasn't) and made a few things in the room such as:

Needless to say - I LOVED how the room looked at the beginning of the year - the kids are helping with keeping it looking awesome all year long!

Now that we are in the month of October - We did our first big hallway display ( I always love to decorate the door/wall by my classroom with fun things - I have one wall that has work always displayed on it - which gets changed every 2 weeks!) So here is our hallway/door display:

So Our door was turned to Frankenstein - I did both sides so no matter if it is opened or shut - Frank is showing! :) Other teachers enjoyed it we now have a scarecrow, ghost and mummy down the hallway! 

Above our door way and all around it - we did our pumpkin glyph! The first one of the year! The kids really enjoyed it so we have our pumpkin patch too!

We had so much fun designing for Halloween - the kids really had fun and so did I! I can't believe it is already October though... time is flying by!

One more thing I made from Pinterest last week - I can't wait to use it in the room!

What is your favorite thing you made from Pinterest? 

Happy Reading! Amy C!