Wednesday, January 11, 2012

What I LOVE Wednesday.

Thought I would try out What I love Wednesday within my classroom.


Don't ya'll love it when the light bulb finally clicks in your little munchkins' minds!?!? Today was the day - so many light bulbs going off. We have been discussing Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr - to see and hear the reactions, feelings and true concern about how people were treated and how MLK stood up for what he believed in was so refreshing. I wish people now-a-days could have a first grade mind set in certain ways - it would make certain things a lot easier!

2. When technology works - it rocks and lately we have been really using the SMART Board - I LOVE IT! Kids LOVE it - makes lessons a lot more FUN and INVOLVED!

3. Teacher Lounge - I love having time with my colleagues... they make me smile, make me laugh and remind me not to take certain things so seriously!!

What do you love about your classroom today?

Happy Reading! Amy C!

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