Monday, January 9, 2012

Guess Who's Back!


Hi ya'll! I am back - I know you must of missed me!  I can't even begin to explain where I have been. Well, actually I can... so here it goes! 

1. My computer broke. Talk about heartache! My hard drive completely went awol - tried to get all the information of the hard drive (because who backs up their computer... not me?) It didn't work - finally got my computer back 1 month later with no information  and now it is fixed! 

2. My sister is now the new Secretary of State of KY!!!! So the past 11 months have been dedicated to all her hard work. Over break we had all of her inaugurations (2) and a few parties for her. 

3. Wait- we did have Christmas right? That's right I forgot- we had a wonderful Christmas... No pictures to prove it because I didn't have a camera or anything to document. 

So there ya'll have it - that is what I have been up to. I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday! 

This month in first grade we are working on a TON of stuff.... 
1. The mitten
2. compound words
3. Snowmen/Winter
4. Moon Phases
5. Penguins!!!!
6. How to writing piece

So much is happening - I am gathering all my stuff and hopefully will be able to post some units for ya'll! 
That is one of my New Years Resolution! 

What are ya'll working on in your classrooms?

Happy Reading! 
Amy C.

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