Friday, July 15, 2011

Oh the places you'll go!

It is that time of year again...back to school shopping! I love walking into Target and smelling the crayons, seeing brand new notebooks and unused glue sticks! My favorite thing to see are the pens, pencils and SHARPIES! 

Another reason I love Target is their DOLLAR $POT! It is such a great addition to each store and always has something there... well this little visit turned into picking up a lot at the DOLLAR $POT! 

Exhibit A: 

They had these Dr. Seuss Bags... so I purchased thirty... my head started rolling... ideas were starting...

I also  purchased thirty composition books, pencils, and erasers.... which all went in one bag!

....So with all the cute Dr. Seuss things that led me into my theme for the year, "Oh, the Places You'll Go!" I am super excited.

We do Guided Reading Groups which I call, "Book Clubs." These Dr. Seuss bags are going to be their Book Club bags. Each week or two weeks, we have a new book. The book goes home for Book Club to practice reading and to possibly do an activity... enter the Dr. Seuss Bag... there is no reason now for anyone to forget the book club book at home! They now have their own book club bag to carry their book club book and homework back and forth! (And it's super cute!)

Happy Reading! Amy C!


  1. Thanks for visiting my blog. I am also one of 5 girls, but I am the oldest and a twin. She's also a teacher! I got the same bags as you at Target. FYI, Michael's has a huge Dr. Suess section right now!

    Miss B, Busy Bee

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