Wednesday, August 24, 2011


I haven't blogged in about 20 days... that makes me super sad.. but I have been super busy - school started on the 17th! Since about the 8th of August I have been in my room or in in-services for school. I finally met all 28 of my kiddos on the 17th and love them! They are so super cute but I always forget when they come into first grade how young they are and what they are capable of doing! It takes me a moment to remember to go S.L.O.W!!!

I have one little boy from Sweden. He speaks NO (very little - try lunch count in the's fun!)  English; but has a smile on his face and is adjusting well with the other kiddos - he loves high fives!  I have a little girl who has been in Hong Kong for the past three years. She speaks and understands English but it's a little rusty in a few places... and finally - I haven't had air conditioning since we started school. Therefore, it's been super-duper hot in the words of my first graders.

We have already completed one round of MAP Assessments and tomorrow starts my DRA Testing. This weekend I promise pictures, hopefully some freebies and some good laughs! :)

Hope everyone's school year is off to a great start!

Happy Reading! Amy C!

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